Quarterly report pursuant to Section 13 or 15(d)


3 Months Ended
Mar. 31, 2021

On June 10, 2016, the Company issued to BICX Holding Company, LLC a $2,500,000 senior secured convertible promissory note due March 3, 2020 and bearing interest at 8% per annum due annually beginning June 10, 2018. On March 3, 2017 the convertible promissory note was subsequently amended and was convertible into 42.43% of the Company’s total authorized common stock. The Company also received an additional investment of $1,660,000 from the holder. The note was convertible into a fixed number of shares of common stock equal to 42.43% (2,227,575 shares) of the total authorized common stock as of March 3, 2017 (closing). On September 30, 2019, the convertible promissory note was converted to 2,227,575 shares of the Company’s common stock, and the principal balance of the convertible note payable was reduced to $0. Upon converting the convertible note payable to common stock in September 2019, the Company and BICX Holding Company, LLC entered into a conversion agreement in which future interest through March 2020 on the convertible note payable was accelerated, and the Company agreed to pay $1,138,157 in interest within a twelve month period of an intended public offering. The interest is recorded in Accounts payable and accrued expenses on the unaudited consolidated balance sheet at March 31, 2021 and December 31, 2020.


In connection with the conversion agreement, the Company and BICX Holding Company, LLC entered into a Lock-Up Agreement (the “Lock-Up Agreement”) pursuant to which the Investor will not sell, or otherwise dispose of the Conversion Shares, during the period commencing on October 1, 2019 and ending six (6) months following the initial closing of the Company’s intended public offering of its securities to raise gross proceeds to the Company of at least $10,000,000 (subject to adjustment in the Company’s sole discretion) (the “Public Offering”). In the event that the intended public offering is terminated or abandoned prior to closing then the lock-up shall expire upon the later of the date which is six (6) months from September 30, 2019 or thirty (30) days from the date of such termination or abandonment.


In accordance with the conversion agreement, the Company cannot enter into any agreement to issue or announce the issuance or proposed issuance of any shares of common stock or common stock equivalents at an issuance price below $2.00 per share.