Business Description

BioCorRx Inc. is an addiction treatment company offering a unique approach to the treatment of substance abuse addiction. The BioCorRx® Recovery Program consists of two main components. The first component of the program, if determined to be medically necessary by the treating physician, may consist of an outpatient implant procedure performed by a licensed physician. The implant delivers the non-addictive medicine, naltrexone, an opioid antagonist that can significantly reduce physical cravings for alcohol and opioids. Other medications can also be used in the program as determined by the treating physician. The second component of the program developed by BioCorRx Inc. is a proprietary behavioral therapy program tailored for the treatment of alcoholism and other substance use disorders. Additionally, to the program includes 6 months of peer-support utilizing experienced recovery specialists and BioCorRx’s mobile engagement application. The company also has a pharmaceutical subsidiary which is developing medications for future regulatory approval.  The company does not sell, manufacture, or compound any drugs or pharmaceuticals.

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2390 E. Orangewood Ave.
Suite 575
Anaheim, CA 92806



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